This project was originally started as a sort of online collaboration with ZCoder as we were experimenting with an Explorer like user interface. Eventually we both went our own ways as we code with different assemblers, he being a MASM user and myself a GoAsm user. I have been using it as a test platform for GUI and other ideas and it has grown substantially since the early days. I would like to thank ZCoder for the original idea of trying to imitate the interface and for presenting ever increasing challenges at the beginning of the project.

There are quite a few features though no help file as of yet, the source (GoAsm) is included with the distribution as are all of the necessary files to build the project with the exception of the assembler which you can get from Jeremy's website.

I welcome suggestions and especially plugins that anyone would like to contribute.

This software is completely free of charge and all restrictions, except where otherwise noted in the source. zLib is protected by it's own licensing agreement. I have tried to mention authors of specific algorithms in the source but in alot of cases I just don't remember or have never known who wrote them, if I stepped on anyones toes I appologize.

This is not GPL software, the GPL places restrictions on the use of software I do not, if you want to use all or any portion of the software that belongs to me in your own application, feel free even for commercial apps. I do like to have a mention somewhere in the about box, though it's not really necessary except to stroke my ego.

Update: I have added the ability to view and delete Alternate Data Streams from files on NTFS drives.