This page contains my library projects, the libraries here contain useful functions written by myself or collected from freeware or posted code. In cases where another person has written the function I have endeavored to include the authors name in the source for that function. Unfortunately many of the author's names are either not available or I neglected to note them when I got the function. It is however certain that every function included is free for any use, in cases where the original author is noted, it is polite to mention them in an about box somewhere if the routine is critical to your application.

List of functions:
GetWindowsString, GetVersionString, GetPEExports, GetPEImports, GetModuleByAddrNT, GetModuleByAddr9x, IsFeaturePresent, IsHardwareFeaturePresent, PostVKeyPress, SendKeys, , GetParentPID9x, GetParentPIDNT, ExceptionMessage, ListProcessesNT, ListProcesses9x, ListModulesNT, ListModules9x, CPUSpeed, ITaskbarShow, WaitForProcess, Shell, ShellMsg, SingleInstance, SystemShutdown, ErrorToString, DLLErrorToString, NETErrorToString, DLLMsgIdToString

NT only functions:
These functions have no 9x equivalent however will not break a 9x application
FindProcessByNameNT, GetPIDFromhProcessNT, NTSTATUSToString

List of functions:
Simple string array functions

AddString, Compare, CreateArray, DeleteString, DestroyArray, EnumArray, ExpandArray, FindEmptyIndex, FindString, GetString, GetTopIndex, ReplaceString

Memory functions
dwMemCopy, MemCopyMMX

String functions
lszCase, lszCaseW, lszCat, lszCatW, lszCmp, lszCmpW, lszCmpi, lszCmpiW, lszCopy, lszCopyW, lszCopyn, lszCopynW, lszCopyMMX, lszCut, lszCutW, lszInsert, lszInsertW, lszInstr, lszInstrW, lszLen, lszLenW, lszLenMMX, lszLenMMXW, lszPos, lszPosW, lszReverse, lszReverseW, lszSubst, lszSubstW, lszToken, lszTokenW, lszTrimLeft, lszTrimLeftW, lszTrim, lszCatPlus, lszSoundEx

List of Functions:

dw2ascii, ascii2dw, dw2bin, dw2hex, hex2dw, dq2hex, dq2ascii, udw2ascii

dw2asciiW, ascii2dwW, dw2binW, dw2hexW, hex2dwW, dq2asciiW, dq2hexW, udw2asciiW

PopCount, TEA, Randomize, RandM

List of functions:

CreateLink, CreateLinkIndirect, CreateDesktopLink, CreateStartmenuLink, CreateSpecialFolderLink, ResolveLinkIndirect, ResolveLink, CheckFileName, RecurseFolder, InitCRC32Table, CRC32, FindNameInPath, GetCL, GetFileExists, ReadFileLines, GetFileInfo, TimeStamp2FileTime, FileTime2DateStamp, GetModulePath, RegisterFileExtension, StripFilename, IsShortcut, IsPEFile

This library only functions with 32bit DIB sections
List of functions:
ApplySkin, BresLine, ConvertToDIB32, CopyDIBImage, CopyDIBRects, CreateIndependantBitmap, Deg2Rad, DIBAdjustLuma, DIBBlurImage, DIBColorCount, DIBGetColors, DIBRectangle, DIBDrawEllipse, DIBFillEllipse, DIBGetHistogram, DIBSaveBitmap, EmbossImage, FloodFillDIB, GetDIBPixel, GetRotatedBitmap, GradientFillRectDIB, GrayScale, InvertImage, LithoImage, QSort, SaveDIB32, SetDIBPixel, TraceEdges, Watermark

The header file for these libraries is available as part of the Header Project