GoAsm Header Project

The GoAsm header project is designed to meet the following objectives:

The reason this project was started was that the current Windows.inc file (no longer available on this site) was bulky and not easily maintainable. The inclusion of all definitions and equates in a single mega-file slowed down compile times and editing and correction was difficult. The lack of a comprehensive set of compiler switches and separation of the Unicode and ansi versions added to the need for a better solution. Early on in the project I was helped by Wayne J Radburn and his excellent header translation package. In the final analysis I decided to translate the files by hand in order to have more control over the syntax and structure but Wayne's tools were of immeasurable help even so.

Version 2.0 of the header project marks the beginning of WIN64 support. It features better OS version checking and a simpler design. This version represents almost a complete rewrite of the headers and has thousands of new definitions, interfaces and structures.


The following is a list of contributors (this list is updated periodically)

Jeremy Gordon (jorgon)
Wayne J Radburn (wjr)
Bryant Keller (Synfire)
Bill Cravener (Cycle Saddles)
Ramon Sala (rsala)
Mark Jones